How to repair a leaking asbestos roof

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Asbestos roofing has a traditional style, and you don’t see it quite often. But if you happen to have one, you know it tends to leak sometimes.

So, in that case, do you know how to repair a leaking asbestos roof? Let’s go over a guide that you can follow to repair the leaks by yourself.

Repairing the Smaller Leak

First of all, you need to find the spot that’s leaking. Then, clean the whole place with plenty of water. And then use a dry towel to soak the water off and also take out any dirt that’s sticking.

Once the spot is clear, you need to gather some tools. You need some Liquiseal non-sag sealer to do the basic sealing.

Start by applying some sealer on the crack. Make sure to cover it properly and apply the product a little more. Once it’s fixed in place, you can apply one more layer on top of it. That will ensure the maximum effective sealing for your asbestos roof.

Take note that in most cases, the roof is going to leak on the pipes, or bolt fixes as well. To fix that, you can simply apply some Liquaseal non-sag sealer on the affected spot. That will do the trick for good and seal the leak. 

Also, after you finish, make sure to take out the excess sealer with a knife to give the roof a great finish. That’s going to make sure that your roof looks and feels as good as new.

Repairing the Broader Cracks

You can just apply some sealer paint and fix a broad crack. For that, you need a completely different type of tools and skills as well. Let’s go over the method to do it.

First of all, you need to clear the hole and dry it just like the previous method. Once you’re done, you can move onto the next steps.

You need to apply Liquasil ONE around the hole and make sure that it’s a good amount. It should cover somewhere around 200mm around the hole.

Then you are ready to use the polyester fleece. Make sure to use a  generous amount of polyester fleece on the hole and use a paper roller. You should be using that until the fleece bleeds through the layer.

Then, apply another thick layer of Liqasil ONE on top of it. That’s going to seal the crack for good.

But if an entire part of the asbestos roof is broken, you’d have to use Liquasil ONE and hold the pieces together with your hands. After that, you can apply the polyester fleece to seal it in place. That’s going to be all you need to do.


As you saw, none of those are permanent fixes for the leaks. They are great for emergencies. But if you want to fix it for good, you should consult a roof repair service as soon as you can. They will fix it up for good with just a small charge for it.